"The camp"


The camp is situated to provide the best possible conditions for your stay. The whole complex is built on an island within the forest. It is surrounded by the Javornice stream, which also supplies water to the nearby, newly renovated natural swimming pool. The whole area of the complex is perfectly drained and thus can cope with unexpectedly bad weather. Its unique secluded location is a guarantee of your undisturbed recreation.


Main building


The dominant feature of the complex is a three-storey brick building.

Ground floor
Equipped large capacity kitchen with extensive storage areas and facilities for staff.

First floor 
Dining area with a dispensing room, toilets, clubhouse, kiosk with a bar and an outdoor covered terrace, which provides even on rainy days a pleasant seating area, for example at the grill.

Second floor
Ready for accommodation up to 45 people in seven different sized rooms. On the first floor there are newly renovated sanitary facilities including showers and toilets.


Chalets, sanitary facilities and clubhouse


The chalets
You can also stay in 31 four-bed cabins with a total capacity of 124 beds. Each cabin has four beds (two bunk beds), two lockers, a table, chairs, lighting and an electrical outlet.

Other facilities
You have a second brick building with sanitary facilities for boys and girls, including separate toilets and showers for the nursing room.
There is a large clubhouse at the top of the building for a variety of uses.
Adjacent are three cabins used as infirmary and isolation.